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"Psychic power is a prevalent force in the Mother/Earthbound series. It features in all three games, but it has come to my attention that not much is known about it among the fandom, other than how players can best use it to destroy swarms of crows, hippies, and other-worldly bosses. Psychic phenomenon, or Psi, is a very real concept, and has been used and studied for centuries-- increasingly so since the start of the 20th century.

Allow me to explain a little bit of what Psi is and how it works..."



◆Wary of drinking tea and coffee.
◆Fan of the Runaway Five/Venus.
◆Has an awkward 13 year-old (mutual) crush on Paula.
◆Knows about Earthbound from people in Onett playing it. Thinks he should check it out sometime. Also wonders when the sequel will come out.
◆Ness' birthday is a week after the end of the game, and his dad said he'd visit him for it. Since the english version came out on June 1st, 1995 we'll say Ness' birthday is the 8th of June.