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Player Name: tango
Player LJ: [ profile] gakurans
Contact: | humanedfailure @AIM | [ profile] sakugarne
Character Number: 2 (if other app is accepted)

Character: Ness
Source: Earthbound / MOTHER2
Appearance: Official Art
History: Earthbound Wikia
Timeline: Post-game.

Personality: Ness is a (mostly?) silent protagonist, and while this may make playing him in an RP environment hard, Earthbound provides more than enough examples of Ness' personality through other's words, and his own actions throughout the game. Ness has the perfect personality fitting of a hero; he has an unending amount of courage, is extremely loyal, and is incredibly kind and compassionate towards all things.

Ness was an average boy; he had a few friends, enjoyed baseball, had a mom and a father (although he was always away on business), a sister, and the family dog, King. Life was by no means boring, but it was simple and fun. Until the night Ness' neighbourhood of Onett was awoken by a loud crash of a meteorite falling to the ground. Ness' first good example of his kindness and selfless nature is shown when he accepts his neighbourhood friend Pokey's request to help him find his brother outside. Upon climbing the hill by his house and finding Pokey's brother nearby the meteorite, a beetle by the name of Buzz Buzz appears- and gives Ness the task of saving the world. Ness agrees without any hesitation, and it's that very next morning at dawn that he starts his journey.

Ness is willing to help anyone who asks, whether it be investing two-hundred dollars toward Apple Kid's inventions, following visions in his dreams to save Paula from the Happy Happy Cult, and, of course, saving the whole world from being taken over by aliens. Even something as mundane as going back and forth between two love-sick sesame seeds (yes, talking sesame seeds) in the desert to let them know they still loved one another, or returning a lost contact lens found in the desert to a man who lived above a bakery in the nearby city, Ness is more than willing to do anything he can to help others. He expects nothing in return, and even goes as far to pay off the debts of a popular band the Runaway Five twice - first with a wad of bills, and second, with an actual diamond given to him by a miner. Money isn't as important to Ness than other's happiness and doing the right thing to help them out. He doesn't let himself become blinded by greed, or fall to the temptations of material objects like the adults around him in the game.

Ness has gotten into a variety of sticky situations no kid his age should - he's had to fight insane cultists and even the manifestation of his own Nightmares. The Mani Mani Statue was a very important object during Ness' journey, due to the effect it had on any adult that came into contact with it. The golden statue amplified the evil in humans, and was sold, stolen, and passed around to many adults that were affected by its ways. Carpainter used it to control the minds of the Happy Happy Cultists, until it was stolen away by a thief named Everdread. It was later found by the mayor of Fourside, who kept it hidden away in a café, and here is where Ness and his friends can completely witness the horrible power of the statue. After touching the statue they are brought into it's world of illusions - the twisted and opposite world of Moonside. It is here where Ness can fully witness the complete power of the Evil Mani Mani, and even though they manage to break the statue, Ness is still affected by the memories of what it had done to others around him.

When Ness is pulled into his own mind, Magicant, the one obstacle he must overcome in order to have his powers be one with the world's is defeating his own Nightmare. The manifestation of his own evil thoughts inside of himself. As he walks toward the Sea of Eden where the Nightmare awaits him, he meets many memories of the bosses and enemies he has killed and stopped to save the world. Ness regrets hurting them, and that regret is something that will always stay with him, even though he knows what he did was right. Ness' Nightmare takes the form of the Evil Mani Mani and it's no surprise why - it symbolises everything wrong in the world.

Even though Ness has been exposed to such darkness he hasn't forgotten how to look on the bright side of things, and be his normal, cheerful self. Ness is still a thirteen year-old boy, and his usual personality does reflect that. Ness is courageous and outgoing, and is always ready to do whatever he can to save the world with his friends, but he gets homesick if he hasn't spoken to his mother over the phone, or visited her in Onett, and becomes unable to battle if he gets like this.

Ness is incredibly charismatic, and it really comes in handy over the course of he and his friends' journey across the world. The first and best instance of his charisma is the 'For Sale Sign' - a sign given to him in Burglin Park. When Ness sets this down, no matter where he is in the world (even in the middle of nowhere, or inside the base of some evil aliens) people will come and buy whatever Ness wants to sell them. From old equipment to Chickens to Ketchup packets Ness can sell anything to them. He's patient and good at waiting for things, having to even wait three minutes without doing so much as move a muscle in order to open the pathway under Grapefruit Falls to fight Master Belch. Even talking with the shy race of Tenda's that live hidden away in the depths of the Deep Darkness he has no problem seeking out a book to instruct them on getting over their shyness. Ness' friend Jeff is a very shy and awkward individual, but Ness tells him straight away he and Paula want to be friends with him and accept him into the group.

Pokey, one of the main antagonists in the game, and a source of constant headaches for Ness, is a rude, power-hungry boy who lived next-door to Ness since they were children. Going over to Giygas' side early in Ness' journey and doing his best to make life hard for him are normally the types of things to cause someone to hate a specific individual... but not Ness. In Magicant, the world of Ness' mind, Pokey is there, telling Ness that they're good friends. Ness clings to this memory, and even though he knows Pokey is evil, knows he's always been mean and used him... he still considers him his friend. Ness can undergo vast amounts of stress like this for his friends, as shown with Pokey. He's been separated from his friends all on multiple occasions, but always strives to rescue them or trust that they're alright and will be back soon. He even remembers melted snowman he created in the colder months, as shown in Magicant. Poo, a friend who joined them late in their journey treats Ness more like a 'master' than a friend, and tries to act the role of his servant. Even so, Ness treats him as kindly as he has his other friends, never taking advantage of his promise to protect and serve him. Even though he's had the shitty end of the stick more than enough times to count on two hands, Ness never gives up on others.

He's grown strong from his journeys, where he's had to witness the 'death' of his party members (they float behind the party as 'ghosts' or 'angels' until revived at the hospital) and being stalked by unsavoury characters under Giygas' influence, the list goes on, but Ness always remains optimistic, and retains his yotuhful sense of humour.

Out of everything he's done on his journey though, the one thing that can really sum Ness up as a character is what he goes through during the endgame. He, along with his friends, are given the choice to remove their souls from their bodies, to be placed into robots, so that they can go back in time to stop Giygas from affecting the future.

When told about the risks that they may not come back alive from this ordeal, even though they know... Ness still accepts without any doubt in his heart.

Abilities: Able to use psychokinetic powers, shortened to "PSI" in battle, he can use powerful non-elemental attacks, teleport, cause status ailments, heal wounds and status ailments, and put up physical and magical shields. He uses a baseball bat as his weapon of choice and has an intense level of physical and psychokinetic strength tucked away in his small body. He has taken down humans, animals, creatures and even evil incarnate with a bat and his PSI. He's even had enough strength to lift (along with his friends) a yellow submarine long enough to take it to water nearby. He is also able to commune with animals with his telepathy, and make objects move, as first shown when he was a child in a flashback. Near the end of the game Ness' body becomes 'one' with the world, and he gets an intense amount of physical and mental strength due to this. The strength of a PSI skill is normally gauged with letters from the Greek alphabet alpha (α), sigma (Σ), beta (β), gamma (γ), and omega (Ω), with alpha being the weakest, and omega, the strongest. A list of his PSI is as follows:

◇Varying levels of health restoration. Ω heals all members of the party.
α β γ Ω
◇Can heal colds/sunstroke/sleep/poison/nausea/crying/feeling strange/paralysis/petrification/and death (75%).
α β γ ■
PSI Rockin'
◇Deals varying levels of non-elemental damage.
α β γ Ω
PSI Flash
◇Gives all enemies a random status ailment.
α β γ Ω
◇Puts an enemy to sleep. Ω puts all to sleep.
α ■ ■ Ω
◇Shield's one ally from enemy attacks. β is a power shield.
α β ■ ■
◇Paralyses one enemy. Ω paralyses all enemies.
α ■ ■ Ω
◇Teleports to previously visited towns by running in a straight line without interruption. β allows for a more compact, circular running motion.
α β ■ ■

Ness also frequently suffers from homesickness - if he doesn't find something to help soothe his nerves, he mopes around and is useless in battle.

Inventory: In Earthbound you can keep a total of 14 items in one party members inventory, so Ness will have a max of 14 items in his backpack.

ATM Card ◇Allows Ness to withdraw and deposit money from his bank account. It even works overseas!
Receiver Phone ◇Apple Kid's invention. Now, you can recieve important calls. You can't make any, though.
Legendary Bat ◇Ness' weapon, he packs quite a punch with this baseball bat. Offence +110.
Star Pendant ◇Worn around Ness' neck. Defence +30, protects from fire + freeze elemental attacks, as well as flash and paralysis attacks.
Goddess Band ◇Worn on Ness' right wrist. Defence +80, luck +30, protects against hypnosis.
Lucky Coin ◇A coin kept in Ness' pocket. Defence +50, luck +20.
Bicycle ◇Riding this makes you feel like whistling! You can even ring the bell by pressing the R button.
For Sale Sign ◇It invites people to come and buy your unnecessary goods. Can be used many times.
Franklin Badge ◇By keeping it as one of your items, it deflects a lightning attack back at the attacker.
Eraser Eraser ◇Apple Kid's invention. It erases something that looks like an eraser that also might be blocking your way.
Pencil Eraser ◇Apple Kid's invention. It makes something blocking your way that looks like a pencil disappear in just a second.
Super Plush Bear ◇A cute teddy bear! Can take approximately 400 HP's worth of damage for whoever is holding it in battle. Paula is fond of them so Ness keeps one on-hand.
Fresh Egg ◇When eaten, you recover about 80 HP. So fresh, it's still warm! Will hatch into a Chick after time. Chicks can cure homesickness if Ness uses them. Chicks also turn into Chickens after time.
Fresh Egg  

Prose Sample: It would be a little depressing to some people to hear Ness say he was used to waking up in weird areas without any memory of how he got there.

Or, they'd probably at least think he was a little nuts.

He wouldn't really blame them- before his journey he'd probably think the same, though he'd try to be nice about it at least.

Whoever had brought him here seemed nice at least- he wasn't tied up or locked in anywhere- just laying here with a weird flower crown on his head. It seemed a little weird they'd put it over his hat though, but he appreciated the effort. Sitting up, he looks around, carefully rubbing the back of his head. This place looked a little...dreary, no one was really around, at least where he was; there was a big temple here too, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to go in. He does a quick check of his backpack to make sure all his stuff is there, and he grips onto his bat and gets to his feet.

"Jeez...where is this?"

Ness sighs, starting to walk around, he pauses when he notices a little device by his feet- another gift? He didn't know what kind of technology this was, but he bet that Jeff would go nuts for it.

"..." Jeff. It'd been awhile since he saw him, huh? He was busy in Saturn Valley with his dad. Poo was back home training like always.

Paula was just around the corner, but it was harder to go see her than he'd like to admit. It'd been a long time since their journey ended, at least it seemed that way- now here he was all alone, just like when he'd first started out.

He was stronger now though, with all he'd been through- he wouldn't run away from this scared, he'd give it his all and get back home somehow. He knew it. if only he could find a phone.

Journal Sample: Oh man...

I'm using this right, I think- does this really show me talking? I've never even seen anything that could do something like this... and I've seen some weird alien technology.

[ the boy in the mirror is looking a little dishevelled as he starts tapping the mirror carefully, finger obscuring the view from himself. suddenly the video disappears as he flips it over, and only the sound of his breathing and shuffling buttons is heard. eventually he gets frustrated and just leaves it alone. ]

Jeez... maybe I should just try calling out to people like Paula does...

[ there's a pause as he sorts out his thoughts, trying to send a psychic message to anyone nearby. ]

...this is Ness. I'm calling out to someone I've never met before- or, anyone. I'm not sure where I am, of if Jeff or Paula or even Poo can hear this but... whoever can hear me, if you could help me out- it'd be really great.


Also uh, thanks for the flower crown thing, whoever made it. You might wanna' add more daisies or something next time though- that's what Tracy always did.

[ he chuckles, and there's silence as he turns the mirror over again, staring at it, until the feed eventually fades to black. ]


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'A note about Ness's abilities: in order to keep the game balanced, while in Demeleier Ness will find his powers nerfed - they are weaker, or less reliable, or will take more out of him. Specifics are not necessary, but we ask that you do keep this in mind and trust your judgment. In addition, he will not be able to resurrect people from death, and he will find that his teleport only takes him short distances (and to places within Demeleier).'

shown here (